CALS Transfer Course Database


  • This database is a guide only, please review the CALS transfer course policy for complete details.
  • This is a dynamic database, with new classes being added and others expiring. Do not be alarmed if you notice changes between visits. All information in this database is subject to change without prior notification.

Prospective Students:

  • You may use this database as a guide as you choose coursework at your home institution before transferring to CALS. It is not a guarantee that coursework will transfer.
  • Note: a course that meets admissions requirements is not guaranteed to be eligible for Cornell Credit.
  • Course eligibility will be determined after acceptance to Cornell, usually, before the student begins classes.
  • Please send any questions you have about the transfer process to CALS Admissions.

Current Cornell Students:

  • Courses listed here can transfer for academic credit and can fulfill College Distribution Requirements. Please be mindful of forbidden overlaps, as credit will not be awarded twice for overlapping content.
  • If you intend for the course to satisfy major, minor, or pre-health track curriculum requirements that is a separate process and requires you to additionally seek pre-approval directly from the relevant advisor.
  • For guidance on your specific circumstances please contact CALS Student Services.