CALS Transfer Course Equivalencies

What can this database be used for?

This site can be used by current CALS Students or prospective CALS transfer students to evaluate the transfer of coursework into CALS.

For prospective CALS Transfer Students, you can:

1) See which courses at other institutions fulfill CALS Transfer Requirements.**

** If the course or college/university you are looking for is not listed, you will need to search the Cornell Courses of Study and compare course descriptions with those at your target institution in order to find a compatible class.

For current CALS students, you can:

1) See which courses at another institution have been established as being equivalent to a course at Cornell.

2) See which courses at another institution fulfill CALS College Distribution Requirements.

3) Submit a request to have a course evaluated for meeting college distribution requirements. If you want to transfer a course to fulfill a major requirement, or if you are pre-med or pre-vet, please consult with your faculty advisor.

Transfer credit policies for current CALS Students:

- A student must receive a grade of "C" or better. Courses with a grade of "P" (pass) or "S" (satisfactory) will not transfer into the College.

- A final transcript must be submitted to the CALS Student Services Office once the course work has been completed.

- Course work taken while still in high school will need additional paperwork completed to evaluate the transfer of the course work. (please note: Cornell does not accept SUP, Project Advance, UHS or College Now course work)

- A student is able to transfer in up to 60 transfer credits from another institution (30 credits prior to their start as a 1st year student)

- Cornell University will not accept transfer credit for Biology classes taken through distance learning.

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